Monday, August 31, 2009

Friends, Sisters, Brothers...

We collect things along each part of the path called life. So often we have to have that new gadget, or that new dress. We are constantly searching for the things that can make life complete, but we overlook the item that gives us the most joy.

It isn't the new car, or the new dress. They hold only passing dreams.

It isn't the new computer or the new iPod. They hold only passing files.

It isn't the job or the money. They hold only passing control.

It is the relationships - that of love; that of friendship, and that of joy and happiness. Without these life is simply an existence.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely synopsis of the importance of those around us. Thanks for your comment on our site..

Dorothy from grammology

The Baxteria said...

can keep this in mind everyday. We human beings are so fragile when it comes to temptation. The material excess doesn't elevate the human condition. What matters indeed is how you have people you love around you.

Ciss B said...

Thanks Dorothy. Once in a while I wax literal!

CMF, Bax,
Thanks for the comment, and I agree with you too - those we love and care for are the reason we're here.

Joker Or The Thief said...

Wow! nice and thoughtful! This the truth these days, many people have forgot about relation ship and life has become more materialistic.

Gary said...

Soooooooooo true. Still summery here in the South. But the hint of autumn makes me homesick for Michigan, especially the apples.

Ciss B said...

You're exactly right! "Things," drive us way too much.

The fall is here and the cooler weather is as well. I lived down South for five years while my husband was in the Navy and I understand the longing for those cool colorful falls.

Richard Smalley said...

I agree, people seem to be warped these days about facebook this and apple that. People are losing their identity and fun aspects of life i think. LAughing with friends is better than tapping away on a gadget any day.

Good post thanks.

Ciss B said...

You are so right, Richard! We are a thing centered society, and we need to focus on family and friends and be thankful for relationships because that is what lasts!