Monday, March 21, 2011

Friends from Around the World

We've had quite a few earthquakes worldwide lately from Gulf of Mexico to all over the Southern Pacific and when it happened in New Zealand twice, many who I know online held our collective breath because for once it truly reached beyond the realm of hearing about something to actually knowing some friends who were affected by this catastrophe.

It's scary to actually make a connection when some thing this tragic can reach across tens of thousands of miles to touch you personally.  One of my favorite site called Liturgy went down for three weeks, and for those of us who have followed it for a number of years we found ourselves asking across the miles online almost daily, "Have you seen anything on the news?" or "Did you hear anything about what's happened to Rev. Bosco?"

When we heard it the good news it was almost like learning a close family member was okay, and it brought home to me how close the internet had made us all feel.  This has become  more than a simple cyber connection, as it is often these days, and in many ways I am thankful for these friends that have come into my life through these wired connections.

So, if you're following Lent this year and are interested in checking out a Lenten study  (through to Easter) check out a very New Zealand and Anglican way of discovering the Lenten and Easter Season.  Check out liturgy,” or  

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