Saturday, November 10, 2007

We've Been Done Dirty!

TV has never been good...but now we have a writer's strike and it's nothing but re-runs. I understand the reason I'm into writing and actually sell some of my writings, but it doesn't hurt them as much as it hurts those of us who watch. The same is going on with those of us who live here in Michigan. Our political leaders decided to have our primary early in January, so the national Democrats decided to punish the voters by taking away our choice to vote by dropping out of the race. They did not take away the rights of our leaders, they took away our rights.

Did they do that to any other state for having an early primary? No, just Michigan. So what can we do? Our state has more than a few Democratic voters who could really make a mess for the rest of those who decided to punish us.

How about we all vote for two that are still on the list - Clinton and Dodd! Hey, they've already probably cost us a chance to vote in any primary before the election!

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