Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hawk on the Prowl

Today I sat in the yard with my coffee enjoying the mild sixty degree November weather. We’ve had a few freezes so most of the flowers and bushes in my yard are already dead. Since we have hawks in the area I often leave brown ones around for cover to help hide area birds when the raptors circle.
As I sat there watching the wind wander though the brown of my yard I saw a very unusual site. From the top of a tall pine in the neighboring yard came a hawk diving down past the house next door and through the small trees to come softly to light on my wooden six foot fence.

At first he sat there with his back to me as if to say, “I’m don’t see you!” but soon he slowly fluttered around to almost face where I was seated on my patio. I could see right away that he was a young Cooper’s Hawk and watching him was a real treat! With every breath of air slid past he fluffed his feathers and looked around for some tiny morsel. As I watch he finally rose into the air almost reluctantly and quickly disappeared in search of food elsewhere.

Gradually, the small birds came back out from their hiding places and began flitting through the yard again. But that moment of majesty made the day have a totally different feel. I love watching all the differences that nature offers here on a daily basis. It reminds me that we’re not the center of life, and we sure aren't alone here!!!

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