Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who Was St. Nicholas?

It's Sunday night and I'm sitting in front of the computer wondering, "What am I going to write my article weekly on?" Usually, I have it all planned out and my writing time is usually spent simply putting the research and my ideas down on paper. Tonight it isn't coming out very well. So here I sit thinking about Thanksgiving, a sick aunt across the country, anything but the article I need to write!

Okay...I need to focus. St. Nicholas - the Dutch St Nicholas Day - the Dutch-American holiday and what they all say about the holiday that has become a integral part of the world's psyche.

What and who was this saint of children? This saint who was also cared for those in need and those who need to be uplifted? Hmmm... So many questions about a person who n one can even prove really existed. And yet, the reason we celebrate his life is because his radical giving that went way beyond our basic ideas of charity, and kindness. He went outside the box of what we even think of as compassion today. You know, giving money for a good Thanksgiving, a toy or two to the Toys for Tots drive.

Hey, I think I might have an article here! Who was the real saint, and what does the celebration really mean today? Thanks for listening! Oh, and have a great Thanksgiving, and a thoughtful St. Nicholas Day on December 6th!

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