Monday, November 26, 2007

A Winter's Embrace

The beginning of winter. This is my favorite season, not because of the cold, nor because of the darkness, snow or the holidays that are sprinkled in those early months of winter. Instead it is the way that for that moment in time, we must slow down and be in one place when the snow and storms stop traffic and in many ways the whole of the daily parts of life.

To stand at a window and watch a storm have sway in our lives as it blows and puts down layer after layer of work stopping snow. And we stand and watch the silent attacked, for from the inside it seems that silent attacker moving like the great snowy owl in silence like a ghost over the landscape. We can plow and shovel, but if it continues there is no way to conquer Lady Winter. You see she is truly a lady having her way in our lives - holding us captive and if we allow it taking time to actually think and explore life and find the poetry of our lives in the cocooned embrace of a winter storm.

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