Sunday, November 25, 2007

These Days

The season of anticipation is one I adore...but not for the presents, nor the constant Christmas music that haunts the the halls of our local mall. The season holds something that not many others hold. Hope.

At the beginning of the dark and sometimes snowy season lies the hope of spring time, and a hope that people and families will look at what has been lost in fighting and work toward making that thing we call reconciliation. It doesn't always happen. Sometimes Uncle John is still as obnoxious, and that cousin might stay angry, but we all have a vision of a family together at the Holidays whether it comes off or not.

So, we all clean like crazy, and look for that perfect gift that will make someone see that will be excitement and fill all with that warm feeling. Know understand, I'm not mocking the traditions that we know as Christmas today. It holds special gifts for many, but not for me. Christmas for me means so much more than things you can buy or make, or even the snow that covers the gray of this season for us here in the North.

Christmas to me is... The time that time to gaze out the window with someone special and enjoy the cars not flying as fast they do courtesy of the slick roads; sharing tea or coffee with a friend and dwelling on the warmth it provides after shoveling; watching the birds feed at the many trays and feeding stations I have all over my yard; calling people to catch up with their lives and sharing a smile and sometimes a giggle, you get the picture! I could honestly go on forever so I will finish with the simple thought of time as a gift. I will be taking time to enjoy and revel in the time to share, to talk, and to reflect on life in general. And to share smile - just a small smile to pass on to the world.

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