Monday, September 1, 2008

Those Summer Memories...

I’m enjoying those last few days of summer as the new school year rolls into our lives. The funny thing is, I don’t have kids at home anymore but so much of what Fall is centered around school starting again and life returning to that daily grind.

Summer has many words and ideas to describe it, but fall has one – the end of freedom. It’s funny because though we only have a few weeks as vacation we adults fall easily into that “back to school,” mentality. It’s like the warmer weather sets the brain clock to slow with visions of beaches and slower and more laid back and lazy days that are reminiscent of our youth.

Life at this pace is set for that ever present summer beach read and I try to get lots read during this slower time of the year...but is it really slower or are we captured by an image that is pure memory and become the more relaxed, and less productive person simply because we want that time off like we had? Those endless summer days and weeks can be filled with memories, but I think what makes them what we strive for is our image of what has to be perfect in the rest of the year. We seem to be stuck in this, “I have to be and do perfection in my life; marriage; school; college or what ever drives your life.

Summer is that glimpse of the dream where you can fish, read that great summer book, or hike that ultimate spot. So, now that summer has only one more day – what are you going to do to make those last few moments the best memories ever?

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